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Illinois Institute of Technology
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XTask: eXTreme fine-grAined concurrent taSK invocation runtime

XTask Processors with 100s of threads of execution and GPUs with 1000s of cores are among the state-of-the-art in high-end computing systems. This transition to many-core computing has required the community to develop new algorithms to overcome significant latency bottlenecks through massive concurrency. Implementing efficient parallel runtimes that can scale up to hundreds of threads with extremely fine-grained tasks (less than 100μs) remains a challenge. We proposed XQueue, a novel lockless concurrent queueing system that can scale up to hundreds of threads. We integrate XQueue into LLVM OpenMP and implement X-OpenMP, a library for lightweight tasking on modern many-core systems with hundreds of cores. We show that it is possible to implement a parallel execution model using lock-less techniques for enabling applications to strongly scale on many-core architectures. We extend our work to include dynamic load balancing using work stealing to efficiently distributes the load across worker threads. We implement a lock-less algorithm for work stealing and evaluate the performance using micro and macro benchmarks. We compare the performance of X-OpenMP with native LLVM OpenMP and GNU OpenMP implementations using task-based linear algebra routines from PLASMA numerical library, Strassen's matrix multiplication from the BOTS Benchmark Suite, and the Unbalanced Tree Search benchmark. Applications parallelized using OpenMP can run without modification by simply linking against the X-OpenMP library. X-OpenMP achieves up to 40X speedup compared to GNU OpenMP and up to 6X speedup compared to the native LLVM OpenMP implementations on fine-grained parallel workloads.