DataSys: Data-Intensive Distributed Systems LaboratoryData-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory

Illinois Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Science

Conference Calendar

The DataSys Conference Calendar is a ongoing list of conferences, workshops and journals that the DataSys Laboratory members frequent. Many of these conference and journals are listed as the Top Publication Venues for Computer Systems by Google Scholar.

Conference Deadline
HPDC January
Supercomputing/SC April
IPDPS October
CCGrid November
Big Data  

Journal Listing

The DataSys Journal Listing is a ongoing collection of journals that the DataSys Laboratory members frequent.

Journal Title
ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing
TOCS - ACM Transactions on Computer Systems
DC - Distributed Computing
TPDS - IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
DSE - Distributed Systems Engineering
GRID - Journal of Grid Computing
JPDC - Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing
CLUSTER - Cluster Computing
PC - Parallel Computing
IEEECC - IEEE Concurrency
TJS - The Journal of Supercomputing
PPL - Parallel Processing Letters