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Mailing Lists

The DataSys lab has setup a mailing list for the distributed computing community to help disseminate announcements relevant to the community at large. This mailing list was inspired by DBWorld, but with a focus on distributed computing.

This mailing list comprises of a growing portion of the community of researchers, practitioners, and students from the distributed computing domain. This list will be used to send out announcements for various workshops, conferences, and journals related to distributed computing. Note that all traffic is monitored, and only relevant posts will be allowed through this mailing list. The volume of traffic should hopefully be relatively low, several posts a week. 

If you are not sure if a post is relevant to this mailing list, please consider the following conferences and journals which many of the users of this mailing list frequent, such as Supercomputing/SC, HPDC, IPDPS, GRID, CCGrid, TPDS, eScience, OSDI, NSDI, USENIX, CCA, JGC, JoCCASA, SPJ, ICWS, SCC, CLOUD, SERVICES, CLUSTER, CPE, FGCS, IC, JPDC, TC, TSC, TeraGrid, CloudCom, SIGCOMM, SigMetrics, GCC, EuroPar and many others. Many of these conference and journals are listed as the Top Publication Venues for Computer Systems by Google Scholar.

The mailing list is open to anyone interested in receinving these announcements. Please visit for more details on registering. For the list archives, please visit

Any questions about this mailing list should be forwarded to the list administrator, Ioan Raicu, at

LinkedIn Groups

The DataSys lab also manages several LinkedIn groups for several major conferences and workshops. Please see the following groups for more information: