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CS Seminars at IIT

The CS Seminar is a weekly seminar where outside speakers from industry, government labs and academia present their work in the CS department. Below is a schedule for upcoming events, as well as past events, in post chronological order.

Date Time Room Title Speaker Host
05-01-2012 2:00PM SB 201 Lessons in Data Storage for the CMS Tier1 Dr. Catalin Dumitrescu, Fermi   National Accelerator Laboratory Dr. Ioan Raicu
04-30-2012 10:30AM SB 201 Networking and Distributed Systems in High-Energy Physics at Fermi National Laboratory   Dr. Gabriele Garzoglio, Fermi   National Accelerator Laboratory Dr. Ioan Raicu
04-24-2012 12:45PM SB 204 Performance Engineering and Data Analytics Dr. Kalyan Kumaran, ALCF, Argonne National Laboratory  Dr. Xian-He Sun
04-23-2012 2:00PM SB 204 Understanding the Java Memory Model  Dr. James Riely, DePaul University  Dr. Mattox Beckman
04-16-2012 12:45PM SB 111 Designing libraries and applications for petascale and beyond  Dr. Jeff Hammond, ALCF, Argonne National Laboratory Dr. Ioan Raicu
04-11-2012 12:45PM SB 111 Improving Network I/O Performance in Virtualized Clouds Dr. Dongyan Xu, Purdue University Dr. Ioan Raicu
04-09-2012 12:45PM SB 111 An Object-Oriented Framework for Userland Filesystem Development Dr. George K. Thiruvathukal, Loyola University Dr. Ioan Raicu
04-05-2012 12:45PM SB 113 Taming the Beast: Past, Present, and Future of Race Detection Witawas Srisa-an, University of Nebraska at Lincoln  Dr. Shangping Ren
03-28-2012 12:50PM SB 113 Design of Experiments and Data Mining Dr. Lulu Kang, Applied Mathematics, IIT  Dr. Mustafa Bilgic
03-14-2012 10:15PM SB 113 GROPHECY: GPU performance projection from CPU code skeletons Dr. Jiayuan Meng, Argonne National Laboratory  Dr. Zhiling Lan
03-06-2012 12:45PM SB 204 Bridging the gap between HPC and IaaS clouds Dr. Bogdan Nicolae, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, NCSA  Dr. Ioan Raicu
02-28-2012 12:45PM SB 113 There's a Supercomputer in My Backyard? Dr. Michael Papka, Argonne National Laboratory  Dr. Ioan Raicu
01-23-2012 10:00AM SB 225 Graph Data Management and Processing Dr. Michael Grossniklaus, Portland State University  Dr. Mustafa Bilgic
01-20-2012 11:15AM SB 225 Scalable and Highly Available Database Systems in the Cloud Umar Farooq Minhas, University of Waterloo Dr. Cindy Hood
01-13-2012 11:00AM TBA Correlation Aware Optimizations for Analytic Databases Hideaki Kimura, Brown University Dr. Ioan Raicu
01-09-2012 12:45PM SB 113 Integrating Data Provenance Support in Database Systems Dr. Boris Glavic, University of Toronto Dr. Gady Agam
11-30-2011 12:45PM SB 113 Using Analytics to Guide and Improve Municipal Policies Brett Goldstein, City of Chicago Matt Bauer
11-29-2011 12:45PM SB 113 Exascale Computing: The last rehearsal before the post-Moore era Dr. Marc Snir, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Dr. Ioan Raicu
11-22-2011 12:45PM SB 113 Security Challenges in Cloud Computing Dr. Kui Ren, ECE/IIT Dr. Ioan Raicu
11-21-2011 11:00AM SB 223 Efficient Computation of Option Prices Fred J. Hickernell, Math/IIT  Dr. Xian-He Sun
11-04-2011 12:45PM SB 113 Iterative MapReduce enabling HPC-Cloud Interoperability Dr. Judy Qiu, Indiana University Dr. Ioan Raicu
11-01-2011 11:00AM SB 223 Storage for Extreme-Scale Computing Dr. Rob Ross, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago Dr. Zhiling Lan
10-26-2011 8:30AM MTCC CS 40th Anniversary See program Dr. Xian-He Sun
10-05-2011 12:45PM SB 238

Who We Are and What We Do - Part 5

Dr. Xiangyang Li
Dr. Gady Agam
Dr. Francis Leung
Dr. Ioan Raicu
10-04-2011 12:45PM SB 238

Who We Are and What We Do - Part 4

Dr. Ioan Raicu
Dr. Mustafa Bilgic
Dr. Edward Chlebus
Dr. Shlomo Argamon 
Dr. Ioan Raicu
10-03-2011 12:45PM SB 238

Who We Are and What We Do - Part 3

Dr. Shangping Ren
Dr. Mattox Beckman
Dr. Peng-Jun Wan
Dr. Edward Reingold
Dr. Ioan Raicu
09-29-2011 12:45PM SB 238

Who We Are and What We Do - Part 2

Dr. Zhiling Lan
Dennis Roberson
Dr. Zhiling Lan
09-28-2011 12:45PM SB 238

Who We Are and What We Do - Part 1

Dr. Xian-He Sun
Dr. Sanjiv Kapoor
Dr. Gruia Calinescu
Dr. Ioan Raicu
09-27-2011 11:00AM TBA Three-Dimensional Proxies for Animated Characters Dr. Yaser Sheikh, Carnegie Mellon University Dr. Xin Chen
09-23-2011 2:00PM SB 238 Round Table Discussion with CS Board Members S. Christopher Gladwin, Cleversafe &
Sairam Rangachari, optionsXpress
Dr. Xian-He Sun
09-20-2011 12:45PM SB 238

Introduction to MCS Specializations - Part 2

Charles Bauer
Dr. Ioan Raicu
Dennis Roberson
Dr. John Bilson
Dr. Ioan Raicu
09-19-2011 12:45PM SB 238

Introduction to MCS Specializations - Part 1

Dr. Jim Sasaki
Dr. David Grossman
Dr. Mustafa Bilgic
Dr. Xiangyang Li
Dr. Edward Chlebus
Dr. Ioan Raicu
09-13-2011 12:45PM SB 204 Towards Co-operative Economic Meta-Scheduling in Grid and Cloud Systems Dr. Kyle Chard, University of Chicago Dr. Ioan Raicu
09-08-2011 11:30AM SB 201 Really Big Data - Storing a Zettabyte (a billion Terabytes) S. Christopher Gladwin, Cleversafe Dennis A. Roberson & Dr. Ioan Raicu
08-29-2011 12:45PM SB 111 HPC 2.0 - Trends, Drivers and Solutions of High Performance Computing Dr. Frank Lee, IBM Dr. Zhiling Lan
TBA TBA TBA Hey! You Got People in My Software! Patrick Wagstrom, IBM Research Dr. Xian-He Sun