DataSys: Data-Intensive Distributed Systems LaboratoryData-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory

Illinois Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Science

Introduction to MCS Specializations 

Stuart Building 238
Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
12:45PM - 1:45PM

This year, we introduced many new specializations for our Master of Computer Science degree. In order to better explain all these specialization, we have setup a time that our faculty can present them, as well as be available for some Q&A. The questions that the faculty will be addressing for each specialization are:

  1. What is exciting about this specialization?

  2. What coursework is involved?

  3. Who are the faculty you are likely going to interact with?

  4. What potential jobs and companies are most likely to be suitable for this specialization?

The schedule for today's talks are:

The seminar will be recorded and posted online. It will also be televized and broadcast on channel 405 on IIT/V.

Light refreshments will be served.