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IEEE/ACM CCGrid 2014

14th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing

May 26-29, 2014 -- Chicago, IL, USA

Doctoral Symposium

Time: May 28 (Wed), 10:30am - 15:30pm
Room: Toronto
Chair: Judy Qiu (Indiana University)

Accepted Papers

  1. Towards Generic Metadata Management in Distributed Science Gateway Infrastructures
    Richard Grunzke, Sandra Gesing, René Jäkel, Wolfgang E. Nagel
    Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

  2. Compiler Optimization for Extreme-Scale Scripting
    Timothy Armstrong, Justin Wozniak, Michael Wilde, Ian Foster
    University of Chicago, USA

  3. Metrics, Models and Methodologies for Energy-Proportional Computing
    Balaji Subramaniam, Wu-Chun Feng
    Virginia Tech, USA

  4. Supporting Queries and Analyses of Large-Scale Social Media Data with Customizable and Scalable Indexing Techniques over NoSQL Databases
    Xiaoming Gao, Judy Qiu
    Indiana University, USA

  5. Parallel Computing with P2P Desktop Grids
    Gary Jackson
    University of Maryland, USA

  6. Advanced Virtualization Techniques for High Performance Cloud Cyberinfrastructure
    Andrew Younge, Geoffrey Fox
    Indiana University, USA

  7. Proactive Workload Consolidation for Reducing Energy Cost over a Given Time Horizon
    Milan de Cauwer, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan, Helmut Simonis, Hadrien Cambazard
    University College Cork, Ireland

  8. Towards a Multi-Cloud SLA Management Framework
    Soodeh Farokhi
    Vienna University of Technology, Austria

  9. Strategy-proof Mechanisms for Resource Management in Clouds
    Lena Mashayekhy, Daniel Grosu
    Wayne State University, USA

  10. Runtime Adaptation for Autonomic Heterogeneous Computing
    Tom Scogland
    Virginia Tech, USA