DataSys: Data-Intensive Distributed Systems LaboratoryData-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory

Illinois Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Science

DataSys Seminars

Date Time Location Title Speaker
08-19-2013 12:45PM SB233 Introductions Everyone
08-29-2013 12:45PM SB233 ANL Internship Scott Krieder
09-05-2013 10:00AM SB233 LBL Internship Tonglin Li
09-05-2013 12:45PM SB233 Oral Qualifier Dry Run Iman Sadooghi
09-12-2013 12:45PM SB233 NO SEMINAR -- CHANGES13  
09-19-2013 12:45PM SB233 Cluster13 Paper Dry Run Dongfang Zhao
09-26-2013 12:45PM SB233 NO SEMINAR -- Cluster13  
10-03-2013 12:45PM SB233 PNNL Internship Dongfang Zhao
10-10-2013 12:45PM SB233 Max Plank Internship Kevin Brandstatter
10-17-2013 12:45PM SB233 NO SEMINAR -- IPDPS14  
10-24-2013 12:45PM SB233 IBM Work Jason Arnold
10-31-2013 12:45PM SB233 NO SEMINAR -- Halloween  
11-07-2013 12:45PM SB233 NO SEMINAR -- CCGrid14  
11-14-2013 12:45PM SB233 SC13 Paper Dry Run Ke Wang
11-21-2013 12:45PM SB233 NO SEMINAR -- SC13  
11-28-2013 12:45PM SB233 NO SEMINAR -- ThanksGiving  
2PM -10:00PM SB233 DataSys Mini-Workshop Fall 2013 Everyone
Tony, Ke, Iman, Scott, Dongfang, Jason, Xiaobing, Kiran, Kevin, Ben, Peter, Tiago

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