DataSys: Data-Intensive Distributed Systems LaboratoryData-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory

Illinois Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Science

DataSys Seminars (Fall 2011 & Spring 2012)

Date Title Speaker
08-31-2011 ZHT: A Zero-hop distributed Hash Table for high-end computing systems Tony Li
09-07-2011 Centralized and Distributed Job Scheduling System Simulation at Exascales Ke Wang
09-12-2011 Projects Brainstorming Ioan Raicu
09-19-2011 Projects Brainstorming Ioan Raicu
09-26-2011 Utility Maximizing Routing to Data Centers Junghwan Shin
10-24-2011 Tracing SPADE's Lineage Tanu Malik (UChicago)
11-07-2011 Towards Many-Task Computing on Exascale Zhao Zhang (UChicago)
11-21-2011 Using the TOP500 to Trace and Project Technology and Architecture Trends, SC11 Tony Li
11-28-2011 No Seminar  
2PM-5PM SB201
5PM-9:15PM SB111

DataSys Workshop Fall 2011

  • 2:00PM: Efficient Computing with GPU and MIC Architectures, Scott Krieder
  • 2:45PM: Work Stealing Simulations at Exascales, Ke Wang
  • 3:30PM: Reliability Simulations for Distributed File Systems at Exascales, Da Zhang
  • 4:15PM: Feasability and Cost Evaluation of Cloud Storage, Iman Sadooghi
  • 5:00PM: Break with pizza
  • 5:30PM: An Implementation of Data-Provenance in Large-Scale Distributed Environments, Zhangjie Ma
  • 6:15PM: Analysis of Many-Task Computing in High-End Computing Systems, Prateek Patil
  • 7:00PM: Evaluating Persistent Hash Tables, Kevin Brandstatter
  • 7:45PM: Information Dispersal Filesystems, Wesley Leggette
  • 8:30PM: Exploring Hybrid SSD+HDD Storage, Fatemeh Vahedian
  • 9:15PM: Concluding Remarks
01-10-2012 Introductions Everyone
01-17-2012 GROPHECY: GPU performance projection from CPU code skeletons, SC11 Scott Krieder
01-24-2012 TRACON: interference-aware scheduling for data-intensive applications in virtualized environments, SC11 Ke Wang
01-31-2012 SCMFS: a file system for storage class memory, SC11 Iman Sadooghi
Emulation of a Program Committee Meeting
  • Ioan Raicu
  • Tony Li
  • Ke Wang
  • Scott Krieder
  • Iman Sadooghi
  • Dongfang Zhao
  • Zhangjie Ma
  • Pedro Manuel Alvarez-tabio Togores
  • Corentin Debains
  • Da Zhang
  • Kevin Brandstatter
  • Antonio Perez De Tejada
  • Ke Yue
  • Hui Jin
  • Siyuan Ma
  • Wei Tang
  • Zhou Zhou
  • Jun He
  • Jibin Li
  • Yanlong Yin
  • Zhao Zhang (UChicago)
02-14-2012 Scheduling Direct Acyclic Graphs on Massively Parallel 1K-core Processors (HPDC12 submission) Ke Yue
02-21-2012 SimMatrix: Exploring Many-Task Computing through Simulations at Exascales (HPDC12 submission) Ke Wang
02-28-2012 ZHT: A Zero-hop distributed Hash Table for high-end computing systems (HPDC12 submission) Tony Li
03-06-2012 ADAPT: Availability-aware MapReduce Data Placement in Non-Dedicated Distributed Computing Environment  (HPDC12 submission) Hui Jin
03-13-2012 SC11 paper Dongfang Zhao
03-27-2012 NoVoHT Kevin Brandstatter
04-10-2012 CANCELLED due to GlobusWorld  
04-17-2012 CANCELLED  
04-24-2012 Information Dispersal Algorithms Pedro Manuel Alvarez-tabio Togores & Corentin Debains

DataSys Workshop Spring 2012

  • Tony Li (ZHT, SC12)
  • Antonio Perez De Tejada (ZHT in the Cloud)
  • Ke Wang (SimMatrix & MATRIX, MASCOTS12 & SC12)
  • Dongfang Zhao (SCH-FS)
  • Zhangjie Ma (PAFS)
  • Da Zhang (SimHEC)