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Illinois Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Science

FusionFS: Fusion distributed File System

FusionFS is a new distributed filesystem that will co-exist with current parallel filesystems in High-End Computing, optimized for both a subset of HPC and Many-Task Computing workloads. FusionFS is a user-level filesystem that runs on the compute resource infrastructure, and enables every compute node to actively participate in the metadata and data management. Distributed metadata management is implemented using ZHT, a zero-hop distributed hashtable. ZHT has been tuned for the specific requirements of high-end computing (e.g. trustworthy/reliable hardware, fast networks, non-existent "churn", low latencies, and scientific computing data-access patterns). The data is partitioned and spread out over many nodes based on the data access patterns. Replication is used to ensure data availability, and cooperative caching delivers high aggregate throughput. Data is indexed, by including descriptive, provenance, and system metadata on each file. FusioFS supports a variety of data-access semantics, from POSIX-like interfaces for generality, to relaxed semantics for increased scalability.