DataSys: Data-Intensive Distributed Systems LaboratoryData-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory

Illinois Institute of Technology
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Employment Opportunities

Research Assistant

There are multiple opportunities for funded research work in the Data-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory (DataSys), starting in the summer of 2011; funding is available for 5 years, but is contingent on good progress towards a PhD degree. If you think you meet the admission requirements to the PhD program in Computer Science, and have a desire to pursue research in distributed systems working on real problems on some of the worlds largest systems (e.g. IBM BlueGene/P, Cray XT5, Sun Constelation, IBM Blue Waters, TeraGrid, Magellan, Amazon, current projects at DataSys), please send your resume/CV and a personal statement to Ioan Raicu at Evaluation of applications will start on March 1st, 2011, and will continue until the positions are filled. Please make sure to use the following prefix to your email subject "[DATASYS RA]". Also, in your email body, please include the following information (even if it is redundant from the resume/CV):


The DataSys Lab is a research lab in the Computer Science (CS) department at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), being lead by Dr. Ioan Raicu. The DataSys Lab conducts research in various areas of distributed systems with an emphasis on designing, implementing, and evaluating systems, protocols, and middleware with the goal of supporting applications at extreme scales. The lab's mission is to investigate challenging, high-impact research projects to support both compute and data-intensive distributed computing on a variety of systems, from many-core systems, clusters, grids, clouds, and supercomputers. The DataSys Lab has strong ties with the Scalable Computing Software Laboratory at IIT, and the Distributed Systems Laboratory at University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory

Computer Science at IIT

The Computer Science (CS) department at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in computer science and has research strengths in distributed systems, information retrieval, computer networking, intelligent information systems and algorithms. IIT is located within 10 minutes of downtown Chicago, and is a dynamic and innovative institution. The department has strong connections to Fermi and Argonne National Laboratories, and to local industry. An interesting short video clip about IIT can be found here. The CS graduate program at IIT ranks 82 out of 126 in the latest CRA Computer Science Graduate Program Rankings.