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4th Workshop on Scientific Cloud Computing (ScienceCloud) 2013

Co-located with ACM HPDC 2013
New York City, NY, USA -- June 17th, 2013

Invited Talk: To Cloud My Big Data or Not To? Musings at the Intersection of Big Data, Intense Computing and Clouds 

Radu Sion

Associate Professor at Stony Brook University

CEO of Private Machines Inc. 

In this talk we explore the economics of cloud computing. We identify cost trade-offs and postulate the key principles of cloud outsourcing that define when cloud deployment is appropriate and why. The results may surprise and are especially interesting for big data and compute intensive applications. 


Radu Sion is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University (on leave) and currently the CEO of Private Machines Inc. He remembers when gophers were digging through the Internets and bits were running at slower paces of 512 per second. He is also interested in efficient computing with a touch of cyber-security paranoia, raising rabbits on space ships and sailing catamarans of the Hobie variety.