Workshop Program

The workshop will be held in the Marriott - Blossom Hill room. We will start at 9AM. Please see the program for all the details. For the complete FCRC timeline and rooms, please see the FCRC 2011 Timeline Schedule. If you are attending the workshop, please complete the following short survey







Opening Session

Chair's Welcome

Ioan Raicu

Illinois Institute of Technology & Argonne National Laboratory

Yogesh Simmhan

University of Southern California



Mesos: A Platform for Fine-Grained Resource Sharing in the Data Center (Slides)

Ion Stoica

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Conviva
Associate Professor, University of California at Berkeley







Session 1: Resource Management

Chair: Yogesh Simmhan (USC)

The Case for Being Lazy: How to Leverage Lazy Evaluation in MapReduce (Slides)

Kristi Morton

Magda Balazinska

Dan Grossman

Univ of Washington

Christopher Olston

Yahoo Inc.

Debunking some Common Misconceptions of Science in the Cloud (Invited Presentation) (Slides)

Richard Shane Canon

Lavanya Ramakrishnan

Iwona Sakrejda

Tina Declerck

Keith Jackson

Nick Wright

John Shalf

Krishna Muriki

Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Cloud resource usage – extreme distributions invalidating traditional capacity planning models (Slides) Charles Loboz Microsoft Corp


FCRC Plenary







Session 2: Application and Storage

Chair: Lavanya Ramakrishnan (LBNL)

Experiences Using Cloud Computing for A Scientific Workflow Application (Invited)  (Slides)

Jens-S. Vöckler

Gideon Juve

Ewa Deelman

Mats Rynge

Information Sciences Institute, Univ of Southern California

G. Bruce Berriman

California Institute of Technology

Cumulus: Open Source Storage Cloud for Science (Slides)

John Bresnahan

Kate Keahey

Argonne National Lab

Adaptive Rate Stream Processing for Smart Grid Applications on Clouds (Slides)

Yogesh Simmhan

 Baohua Cao

Michail Giakkoupis

Viktor Prasanna

Univ of Southern California

An Automated Approach to Cloud Storage Service Selection (Slides)

Arkaitz Ruiz-Alvarez

Marty Humphrey

Univ of Virginia







Session 3: HPC

Chair: Jeff Broughton (LBNL) 

Magellan: Experiences from a Science Cloud (Slides)

Lavanya Ramakrishnan

Scott Campbell

Richard Shane Canon

Iwona Sakrejda

Tina Declerck

Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Susan Coghlan

Piotr T Zbiegiel

Rick Bradshaw

Narayan Desai

Anping Liu

Argonne National Lab

Neptune: A Domain Specific Language for Deploying HPC Software on Cloud Platforms (Slides)

Best Paper Award

Chris Bunch

Navraj Chohan

Chandra Krintz

Univ of California-Santa Barbara

Khawaja Shams

Jet Propulsion Lab


Closing Session

Best Paper Award,
Closing Remarks

Ioan Raicu

Illinois Institute of Technology & Argonne National Laboratory

Yogesh Simmhan

University of Southern California



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