A Little About Me:

I am currently in my second year at Illinois Institute of Technology, and working as an undergraduate research assistant in the DataSys Lab led by Dr. Ioan Raicu. My reasearch focuses on mobile computing and applications, and persistent hash tables

I am a large proponent of free and open software. I use linux (gentoo) as my primary operating system, and freeBSD for most of my servers. I have about 2 years of solid experience in managing linux machines and about 6 months with freeBSD.

I code most of my software in C and C++ as I do a lot of systems work, but beyond that, I have a strong backround in Java and am very comfortable with object oriented programming. I also do a lot of scripting work in python, ruby and bash. I've worked with chef and other server management tools. In summary, I am a cold fusion between a linux/unix sysadmin and a linux/unix software developer, as well as having a bit of experience with mobile development on Android and iOS.