[BigDataX] schedule for next week

Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Fri May 20 10:37:57 CDT 2016

Hi all, again,
I realized that Iman and Matt were not cc-ed on our prior emails. So 
here is the schedule again. Iman, please note all the presentations you 
have to do. Matt, I have you down for an entry survey on Monday at 4pm. 
If you don't want to come in just for this survey, you can administer it 
all online, etc. Just let me know how you want to proceed. The same 
questions we asked last year sounds good.

*BigDataX @ IIT/UChicago*

*Summer 2016*



*Week 1*

*May 23^rd , 2016 (Monday at IIT SB113)*

10:00am: Welcoming Remarks [Ioan]

10:30am: Introductions [Ioan, Kyle, Gruia, Justin, Matt, and Iman]

11:00am: Introduction to Distributed Systems [Ioan]

12:00pm: Introduction to IEEE/ACM Student Cluster Competition [Ioan]

12:30pm: Lunch (Pizza in SB113)

1:30pm: Introduction to Theory [Gruia]

3:00pm: IIT Campus Tour [Iman]

4:00pm: Entry Survey [Matt]

*May 24^th , 2016 (Tuesday at UChicago) *

10:00am: Parallel Programming Systems Projects [Justin]

11:00am: TBD [Kyle]

12:30pm: Lunch with group

2:00pm: UChicago Campus Tour

*May 25^th , 2016 (Wednesday at IIT SB113)*

9:00am: Amazon AWS Tutorial [Iman]

10:00am: Program Logistics [Ioan]

10:30pm: Distributed Storage Systems Projects [Ioan]

12:30pm: Lunch (Subway in SB113)

1:30pm: Big Data Theory Projects [Gruia]

3:00pm: Introduction to the ACM Programming Contest [Gruia]

3:30pm: Linux Tutorial [Iman]

*May 26^th , 2016 (Thursday at IIT SB113)*

9:00am: Shell Scripting Tutorial [Iman]

10:00am: Q&A Session on Projects

12:00pm: Lunch (TBD in SB113)

1:00pm: Students complete projects survey

1:30pm: C++ Tutorial [Iman]

1:30pm: Project Assignments [Gruia, Mike, Justin, Kyle, and Ioan]

2:30pm: Breakout Session with Mentors [Mike, Justin, Kyle, Gruia, and Ioan]

4:30pm: Logistics (office space, desks, keys, and HR paperwork)

*May 27^th , 2016 (Friday at UChicago/IIT) *

Normal work schedule – work from UChicago or IIT depending on students’ 

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Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology
Guest Research Faculty
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