[BigDataX] REU BigDataX program notification (fwd)

Gruia Calinescu calinesc at gauss.cs.iit.edu
Mon Mar 28 17:48:34 CDT 2016


Can we ask him to stay another week? To August 5, will be fine
if he's wroking with me.  That may complicate housing.


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Dear Ioan,
Sorry for the delayed response. I am excited about the opportunity to
participate in the BigDataX REU program.

I will be competing in the ACM-ICPC world finals in Thailand May 16-20. I am
scheduled to spend the following week of May 23rd touring the area. If at
all possible, could I start the REU the following week of May 30th? If not,
I am prepared to make the appropriate flight changes that would allow me to
start the REU on the scheduled date of May 23rd.

I would like to accept your offer to participate in the 2016 BigDatax REU
program; however, it must be noted that although I expect to be able to
change my flight, I do not currently have the tickets that allow me to be in
the United States on May 23rd.
I will send a signed copy of the offer letter later tonight, unless a
digital signature is sufficient.

I am looking forward to participating in the BigDataX program this summer. 

Nathan De Graaf

On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 8:41 AM, Ioan Raicu <iraicu at cs.iit.edu> wrote:
       Hi Nathan,
       This is just a friendly reminder that we need your signed offer
       letter by tonight (Monday, March 28th). Please let us know if
       you have any questions.

       On 3/22/16 4:55 AM, Ioan Raicu wrote:
             Dear Nathan:
             Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that
             the Selection Committee has chosen you to be one of
             selected 8 students to participate in the BigDataX
             (From theory to practice in Big Data computing at
             eXtreme scales) REU program at Illinois Institute of
             Technology and the University of Chicago during the
             summer of 2016. The selection process was very
             competitive having an acceptance rate of 18% for the
             summer of 2016.

             In case you need more information, see
             you can also contact us at
             bigdatax at datasys.cs.iit.edu. Please see the attached
             offer letter. Please review it, and if you accept
             this summer research position, please sign this
             letter and send it to us by email to
             bigdatax at datasys.cs.iit.edu as soon as possible, but
             not later than Monday March 28th, 2016.

             Congrats again, and we look forward to having you in
             the BigDataX program this summer!

             Ioan, Gruia, Justin, Mike, and Kyle

       Ioan Raicu, Ph.D.
       Assistant Professor
       Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology
       Guest Research Faculty
       Math & Computer Science, Argonne National Laboratory

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