[BigDataX] finalized rankings

Gruia Calinescu calinesc at gauss.cs.iit.edu
Tue Mar 22 10:40:08 CDT 2016

I do want we offer Kevin Clark-Cuadrado if either Sloan or De-Graaf decline.


On Tue, 22 Mar 2016, Ioan Raicu wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have finalized the rankings, and have come up with the following rankings:
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dQYGpnvkKWorwzZx1jOnkhv4u-feEgLNp3s
> jDKm7aso/edit#gid=513416392
> You will find a new sheet "03-22-16 Brainstorming".
> The first 13 rankings from the 30 that are viable (we had 13 applicants who
> either didn't qualify or we decided to reject straight away) were based on
> the top picks from the mentors. The remaining rankings were done by me,
> based on a variety of metrics. If you want to look through rankings #15
> through #30 and want to bump any of these students up to be your 4th, 5th,
> 6th, choice, etc, please go ahead. We likely won't get to these students
> lower on the list until later, so you have a few days to make these changes
> if you want to.
> I will go ahead shortly and send notification to all the students:
>  *  Accept (top 8 students)
>  *  Waiting list (rank 9 to 30)
>  *  Reject (rank 34 to 43)
> There are a few exceptions:
>  *  Rank 31 is what seems to be a very good Northwestern Univ. female
>     student, her dates don't line up with our program; Kyle, Justin, do you
>     want to try to fund her from some other grant, and have her join your
>     group at UChicago outside of the normal REU dates?
>  *  Rank 32 is an international student who doesn't qualify for the REU, but
>     I will try to get him internal IIT funding
>  *  Rank 33 is a good IIT student who has worked with me for 2 years, but
>     has a low GPA; I will accept him in the program but with an unpaid
>     independent study
> Again, if you want to re-arrange any of the rank 9 through 30, please speak
> up as I will automatically go down the list in the ranking order I have on
> the list. If you don't champion on moving any of the rankings around, I will
> use the current rankings for the invitations.
> Cheers,
> Ioan
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