[BigDataX] finalized rankings

Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Tue Mar 22 03:15:18 CDT 2016

Hi all,
I have finalized the rankings, and have come up with the following rankings:

You will find a new sheet "03-22-16 Brainstorming".

The first 13 rankings from the 30 that are viable (we had 13 applicants 
who either didn't qualify or we decided to reject straight away) were 
based on the top picks from the mentors. The remaining rankings were 
done by me, based on a variety of metrics. If you want to look through 
rankings #15 through #30 and want to bump any of these students up to be 
your 4th, 5th, 6th, choice, etc, please go ahead. We likely won't get to 
these students lower on the list until later, so you have a few days to 
make these changes if you want to.

I will go ahead shortly and send notification to all the students:

  * Accept (top 8 students)
  * Waiting list (rank 9 to 30)
  * Reject (rank 34 to 43)

There are a few exceptions:

  * Rank 31 is what seems to be a very good Northwestern Univ. female
    student, her dates don't line up with our program; Kyle, Justin, do
    you want to try to fund her from some other grant, and have her join
    your group at UChicago outside of the normal REU dates?
  * Rank 32 is an international student who doesn't qualify for the REU,
    but I will try to get him internal IIT funding
  * Rank 33 is a good IIT student who has worked with me for 2 years,
    but has a low GPA; I will accept him in the program but with an
    unpaid independent study

Again, if you want to re-arrange any of the rank 9 through 30, please 
speak up as I will automatically go down the list in the ranking order I 
have on the list. If you don't champion on moving any of the rankings 
around, I will use the current rankings for the invitations.


Ioan Raicu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology
Guest Research Faculty
Math & Computer Science, Argonne National Laboratory

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