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Thank you.

On 3/3/16 2:55 PM, Lincke, Susan J wrote:
> Dear Big Data Mentors,
> Michael Fischer is very interested in machine learning, and has done 
> an independent studies with Dr Riley at this university on that same 
> topic.  This is remarkable because he is a sophomore.  He was thrilled 
> to hear about this REU and asked me to write a letter of 
> recommendation for him.
> Michael Fischer has the core programming language courses, mainly in 
> Java but also C, C++.  Remarkably, Michael actually tested out of our 
> first Java majors class (CS 241) and has taken CS 242 with an A 
> grade.  Since I used to teach these courses at IIT as an instructor, I 
> know that our courses are close to IIT equivalent.  He is the only 
> person I have heard of that has successfully tested out of the first 
> programming course by learning on his own.  He currently has a 4.0 
> average here at this university.
> I know Michael because he is taking CS 279 Business Info Security with 
> me.  He is in a group of 3 CS majors, and he is the youngest.  He is 
> leading that group in information security.  He completed the entire 
> semester of quizzes in the first two weeks of school.
> I really think that Michael is an exceptional achiever, and will do a 
> great job for you.  In addition, he is personable, responsible and 
> very likeable.
> Susan Lincke PhD
> Associate Professor Computer Science
> University of Wisconsin-Parkside
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