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The schedule for today is below. Let me know if you see any issues with 
the schedule and or timing.

See you soon,


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Hi all,

Here is the schedule for today's presentations, which will take place in 
SB111 from 9:55am-3:05pm:

  * 09:55am: Opening Remarks
  * 10:00am: User-friendly Provenance Management in Swift/T (Jennifer

  * 10:30am: A Scripting Interface for Parallel Workloads Using Swift/T
    (Michael Collins) 

  * 11:00am: Improving run times in Compressing Rectilinear Pictures and
    Minimizing Access Control Lists (Nathan De Graaf)
  * 11:30am: Optimizing Virtual Machine Migration via Linear Programming
    Approximation Methods (Diptodip Deb)
  * 12:00pm: Lunch
  * 12:30pm: Improving Time Performance of C. Elegans Tracking and
    Segmentation (Adelina Voukadinova)
  * 1:00pm: A Revised Implementation of the GRAPH/Z Graph Processing
    System (Alex Ballmer)
  * 1:30pm: Partitioning Algorithms for Large Graphs (Shreyas Moudgalya)
  * 2:00pm: Globus Projects (William Agnew, Michael Fischer)
  * 2:30pm: Scalable Search in Distributed Storage Systems (Jonathan Wu)
  * 3:00pm: Closing Remarks

Although only the REU students are presenting today, I hope everyone can 
make it to today's presentations!

See you soon,


Ioan Raicu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology
Guest Research Faculty
Math & Computer Science, Argonne National Laboratory

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