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Thu Jun 2 10:43:29 CDT 2016

I won't be there tomorrow but my 2 students are working here at ANL today.

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Hi all, again,
I forgot to mention that you are expected to meet with your mentors at
least once a week, according to your mentors' schedules. Please discuss
with them when and where to meet them.

Also, I talked to Iman about the desks in the lab, and it seems that
everyone will have a place to work (either desk or table). We can
discuss this at Friday's group meeting in case anyone still doesn't have
a desk/table or keys to the lab space SB007.


On 6/1/16 4:07 PM, Ioan Raicu wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here is the schedule for the rest of the week:
> REU Week 2 schedule
> Monday (May 30th)
> Tuesday (May 31st)
> Normal work day
> Wednesday (June 1st)
> Normal work day
> Thursday (June 2nd)
> Normal work day
> Friday (June 3rd): IIT in SB113
> 10:30am: Group meeting [All REU students and mentors]
> 12:00pm: Breakouts between mentors and REU students
> 2:30pm: Seminar [Ioan: All students should attend]:
>     2:30pm: Retrieving and reading research papers [everyone students
> should attend]
>     3:00pm: Proposal Writeup Q&A
>     3:15pm: Poster for SC16
> See you either tomorrow or Friday,
> Ioan

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