[BigDataX] summer 2015 research internship student applicant Ihar Laziuk

skjorgg ihar.laziuk at zoho.com
Tue Mar 31 14:10:42 CDT 2015

Dear Sir, dear Madam:

I am a student at a community college at the City University of New York (BMCC). I am very interested in the research opportunity for the summer 2015. I know the deadline for the applications has passed. I only heard about the research program from a faculty member just this week so I could not submit my application earlier.

I am a Computer Science major, 3.9 GPA, just got accepted as a transfer student to Columbia U for the fall 2015. 

Could you let me know, please, if there is still an opportunity to submit my application in case the positions have not been filled yet.

I have previous on campus research experience participating in CSTEP program, research on encryption in Java, fall 2014.

I am particularly interested in Parallel Programming Systems and Distributed Storage Systems. I will also be interested in other fields of research within the research experience 2015. I do meet all the criteria to apply, full time student CS major, GPA 3.9, permanent resident of the US.

Thank you very much for your time!


Ihar Laziuk

ihar.laziuk at zoho.com

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