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Gruia Calinescu calinesc at gauss.cs.iit.edu
Sun Mar 22 10:36:43 CDT 2015

Hi Ioan,

Thank you for the reminder, and for the link.
I did enter several more scores.

The score system should be advisory IMO, since
we need to balance the interests areas as well. 
One should not have to give low scores to students 
one has no interest in
just to make sure those one prefers raise to the top.

I'll be in tomorrow, have time to talk 11:30->12:15 and 3:30->4:15.


On Sun, 22 Mar 2015, Ioan Raicu wrote:

> Hi Gruia, Mike, and Justin,
> I went through all the applications and have ranked the students according to 
> my review. I see Justin has scored all the applications, but Gruia and Mike, 
> you have not. Gruia, there is only one score in the spread sheet.
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1913ONkyUjCwKvOO9NIIaEPa1VH8qNFc8jP5hRLyxS6k/edit#gid=0
> If you want to influence the final student ranking, please enter scores 
> between 1 and 4 for each student in the spread sheet above ASAP! I would like 
> to finalize the short list of students and ranking, and start to make offers 
> soon. Let me know when you can get your scores done by? If you don't want to 
> score them at this time, and just want to see the short list, that is fine, 
> just let me know and Justin and I will work on compiling the short list of 
> the top 12~15 students!
> Thanks,
> Ioan
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