[BigDataX] Recommendation Letter for Ryan Fogarty

Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Sat Mar 7 12:47:20 CST 2015

We received your letter of recommendation.
Thank you.

On 3/7/15 12:35 PM, Tia Shelley wrote:
> To Whom It May Concern,
> Ryan Fogarty is an excellent candidate for an undergraduate research 
> positions. I had the pleasure of teaching him for his first semester 
> of computer science courses at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 
> Despite his limited coursework background, Ryan applied for an 
> undergraduate research position with my lab. The quality of his first 
> semester's coding assignments and the thought shown in his interview 
> tasks convinced me to  hire him, and I have been delighted by his work.
> Although he had no prior knowledge of objective-c or computer vision 
> before starting to work with me in mid-January, in 6 weeks, he has 
> already learned enough that he has been able to create an iPad 
> application that allows the user to take two pictures, stitch them 
> together, and then threshold the image to do some simple color detection.
> Ryan has a great sense for when a problem requires outside help and 
> when it is within his reach if he just perseveres. This has been a 
> great boon, as he isn't merely striving to solve the coding task 
> before him, but also the greater research project. Our conversations 
> have been rich and have allowed for new developments in the direction 
> of the project development. I have no doubt that should Ryan chose to 
> pursue a graduate career, he will excel.
> Thus, it is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Ryan for the 
> BigDataX REU program. I believe that he will rise to any challenge 
> placed before him with curiosity. If you have any questions, I would 
> be happy to answer them.
> Thank you,
> Tia Shelley
> Research/Teaching Assistant at the University of Illinois at Chicago
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