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Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Tue Jun 16 13:10:28 CDT 2015

Hi Justin, Gruia,
Can you make sure to remind students to complete this survey? Maybe you 
can even set aside 30 minutes today in the schedule to make sure they 
complete it. Its important that we get these surveys done ASAP, as we 
have other surveys to give them later.

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Dear BigDataX REU students,

You are being asked to complete a survey that is designed to measure you 
beliefs about computing and your abilities to conduct research. This 
survey is being conducted by the University of North Carolina at 
Charlotte on behalf of IIT/UChicago.  The survey will take approximately 
35-45 minutes to complete.  Your opinion is very important to us so that 
we can assure the success of the REU experience. Please complete the 
survey by Friday, June 19 at midnight and email bauerm at iit.edu 
<mailto:bauerm at iit.edu> so I know you have completed the survey.


Your responses are confidential. Responses will be analyzed collectively 
and anonymously and all reports will ensure that no individual’s 
response can be identified. There will be a similar post-survey given at 
the end of the summer.

Thank you for your participation. Please email me with any questions.
Matthew Bauer, IIT, CS Dept, BigDataX REU Assessment

Audrey Rorrer, PhD, UNC Charlotte Research Associate

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