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Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
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Hi Jacob,
I am cc-ing the other mentors to keep them in the loop. About the $1200 
in food allowance, we are trying to figure out our budget, but its very 
likely we will not have these $1200 per student this summer. The issue 
is that we were planning to house all the students at IIT, and we had 
budgeted $800 per student for the entire summer. The issue was the 
dates, we would have needed to start June 1st - August 7th, but that 
would have rules out some of the students on a quarter based system. In 
the end, we decided to house the students at UChicago at a cost of about 
$3K a student per summer. Only 5 students asked for housing, but that 
still means $15K towards housing. We had originally budgeted $6.4K. The 
$1200 per student for food, plus the $6.4 housing funds, gives us $16K 
between food and housing. So, we have to use the $1200 food allowance 
towards the housing, and we have about $1000 collectively to spend for 
food for the entire summer, across all students. This will be used for 
the two lunches this week, the fair-well dinner in the last week, and 
the weekly pizza we will order on Fridays.

I am sure you didn't want to hear about all the details, but I just 
wanted you to understand why we initially advertised the $1200 food 
allowance, but then decided to move that fund towards covering housing.

About transportation, for those students who will end up working at IIT, 
we can discuss transportation options on Friday. There are bikes, buses, 
trains, uber, taxis, etc. Given that 4 of you have to come to IIT, your 
best bet is to come together and share a Uber ride, I bet the cost will 
be $4~$5 per student per day (probably not much more than the bus or 
train). We can discuss this more on Friday during the logistics session.


On 6/15/15 3:10 PM, Jacob Taylor wrote:
> Dr. Raicu,
> The application page for the REU says that we are supposed to receive 
> $1200 for food while we are here. How does that work? Also, is there 
> some way for those of us staying at International House to get 
> transportation to IIT? It is pretty far and difficult to get between 
> the two locations without a car due to the distance to the train.
> Best Regards,
> Jacob Taylor

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