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Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Mon Jun 15 01:38:42 CDT 2015

Hi all,
I am sending you this email as you will likely be attending events along 
with the new REU students starting tomorrow.

The schedule is below:

*Week 1*

*June 15^th , 2015 (Monday at IIT SB113)*

10am: Welcoming Remarks [Justin & Gruia]

11am: Introduction to Parallel Programming Systems [Justin]

12:30pm: Lunch with group

2:00pm: Parallel Programming Systems Projects [Justin]

*June 16^th , 2015 (Tuesday at IIT SB113) *

10am: Introduction to Theory [Gruia]

11:30am: Big Data Theory Projects [Gruia]

12:30pm: Introduction to the ACM Programming Contest [Gruia]

*June 17^th , 2015 (Wednesday at UChicago)*

10:00am: Logistics [Ioan]

10:30am: Introduction to Distributed Storage Systems [Ioan]

12:00pm: Lunch with group

1:30pm: Distributed Storage Systems Projects [Ioan]

3pm: Introduction to IEEE/ACM Student Cluster Competition [Ioan]

*June 18^th , 2015 (Thursday at UChicago)*

9am: Linux Tutorial [Tony]

10:30am: Introduction to Data-Intensive Computing Applications [Mike]

1:30pm: Data-Intensive Computing Applications Projects [Mike]

3:00pm: UChicago Campus Tour [Justin]

*June 19^th , 2015 (Friday at IIT SB113) *

9am: Systems Programming Tutorial [Tony]

10:30am: Q&A on Projects [Gruia, Mike, Justin, and Ioan]

12:00pm: Project Assignments [Gruia, Mike, Justin, and Ioan]

2:30pm: Breakout Session with Mentors [Mike, Justin, and Ioan]

3:30pm: IIT Campus Tour [Tony]

Monday's first meeting will be in Stuart Building (SB) room 113. Here is 
a map (see computer science), its at the corner of 31st and State.

10 W. 31st Street
Stuart Building, Room 113
Chicago, IL 60616

You are welcome to attend all these sessions, including the ones at 
UChicago. Most of the presentations this first week will be introductory 
in nature, and most of you should find them interesting, and certainly a 
good learning experience.

We are planning to take the 9 new REU students out to lunch as a group 
on both Monday at IIT and Wednesday at UChicago. The funds we have for 
the lunch activities only allow us to cover the REU students and the 
mentors, which means that all of you will have to pay for your own 
lunch. Occasionally (likely on Fridays), we will try to order pizza for 
the REU students, and it will be easier to order extra pizza and all the 
students could then participate in the lunch activities without having 
to pay. I hope you understand the issue we have on Monday and Wednesday 
when we will be going to lunch. I encourage all of you to go to lunch 
with the group if you can.

Also, I want to emphasize that these 9 REU students are coming mostly 
from other universities. Only one student is from IIT, and the other 8 
are from other institutions. I encourage all of you to welcome the new 
students, and to make them feel at home. I am also out until Wednesday 
morning, but I will be in on Wednesday and Friday, when I hope to be 
able to meet with each of you to discuss your projects.


Ioan Raicu, Ph.D.
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