[BigDataX] start of REU program

Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Sun Jun 14 09:26:49 CDT 2015

Hi Justin, Gruia,
Here are the expected attendees at tomorrow's meetings for the REU program:
Last Name 	First Name 	Program 	Level 	Email
Dupree 	Mermer 	REU BigDataX 	UG 	mdupre2 at uic.edu <mailto:mdupre2 at uic.edu>
Baugh 	Sam 	REU BigDataX 	UG 	samjbaugh at uchicago.edu 
<mailto:samjbaugh at uchicago.edu>
Parker 	Daniel 	REU BigDataX 	UG 	dkparker at uchicago.edu 
<mailto:dkparker at uchicago.edu>
Taylor 	Jacob 	REU BigDataX 	UG 	jmtcollege at live.com 
<mailto:jmtcollege at live.com>
Pisanski 	David 	REU BigDataX 	UG 	dpisan2 at uic.edu <mailto:dpisan2 at uic.edu>
Subei 	Basheer 	REU BigDataX 	UG 	basheersubei at gmail.com 
<mailto:basheersubei at gmail.com>
Burge 	Jonathan 	REU BigDataX 	UG 	jburge16 at my.whitworth.edu 
<mailto:jburge16 at my.whitworth.edu>
Rincon-Cruz 	David 	REU BigDataX 	UG 	drinconcruz at knox.edu 
<mailto:drinconcruz at knox.edu>
Young 	Ariel 	REU BigDataX 	UG 	ayoung11 at hawk.iit.edu 
<mailto:ayoung11 at hawk.iit.edu>
Andre 	dos Santos Saboia 	BSMP 	UG 	adossantossaboia at unomaha.edu 
<mailto:adossantossaboia at unomaha.edu>
Marilia 	Cerqueira 	BSMP 	UG 	fs6944 at wayne.edu <mailto:fs6944 at wayne.edu>
Dennis 	Cardoso 	BSMP 	UG 	dcardos3 at illinois.edu 
<mailto:dcardos3 at illinois.edu>
Thiago 	Silva 	BSMP 	UG 	tsilva at aum.edu <mailto:tsilva at aum.edu>
André 	Coelho de Castro 	BSMP 	UG 	andrecoelho03 at gmail.com 
<mailto:andrecoelho03 at gmail.com>
Barcellos 	Matheus Romao	BSMP 	UG 	tuf82846 at temple.edu 
<mailto:tuf82846 at temple.edu>
Yago 	Braccialli 	BSMP 	UG 	yagobraccialli at hotmail.com 
<mailto:yagobraccialli at hotmail.com>
Atila 	Ferrari	BSMP 	UG 	aferrari at stevens.edu <mailto:aferrari at stevens.edu>
Forlini 	Tony 	CS597 	MS 	tforlini at hawk.iit.edu 
<mailto:tforlini at hawk.iit.edu>
Patel 	Chintankumar R. 	CS597 	MS 	cpatel35 at hawk.iit.edu 
<mailto:cpatel35 at hawk.iit.edu>
Rafaliya 	Akash S. 	CS597 	MS 	arafaliy at hawk.iit.edu 
<mailto:arafaliy at hawk.iit.edu>
Ng 	Chris 	NSF CAREER 	HS 	crisptofuring at gmail.com 
<mailto:crisptofuring at gmail.com>
Kapoor 	Keshav 	NSF CAREER 	HS 	kapoor at iit.edu

Note that there are BSMP (Brazilian students), high-school students, and 
some MS students as well. When you do the introductions, please have 
everyone introduce themselves. Let me know if anyone is missing (take 


Ioan Raicu, Ph.D.
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