[BigDataX] Question Regarding BigDataX REU Application

Daniel Parker dkparker at uchicago.edu
Mon Feb 16 00:19:17 CST 2015


My name is Daniel Parker, and I am a second year student at the University
of Chicago planning on applying to the BigDataX REU.

My question regards the Coursework section of the application. Because my
school uses the quarter system, there are classes which I will have taken
by the beginning of the program, but in which I will not be enrolled by the
time I submit my application. I feel however that my enrollment in these
classes, and the subsequent skills and experience I will gain from them,
will be very relevant to the consideration of my application to the
program. Should I identify these courses as "I" to indicate that the
courses will be in progress while my application is being considered, or
should I exclude them completely from my application, or should I mention
them in the Optional Comments section of the application?

Thank you for your time.


Daniel Parker
Computer Science & Mathematics
University of Chicago 2017
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