[BigDataX] Call for Participation: NSF REU BigDataX Summer 2015 Final Presentations -- today in SB223 from 10am-4:30pm

Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Wed Aug 19 10:03:37 CDT 2015

Dear SCS and DataSys members,
We received an NSF grant earlier this year to fund undergraduate 
research (http://datasys.cs.iit.edu/grants/BigDataX/index.html). This 
summer we, we had 9 undergraduate students participate in this 10-week 
summer program, which included undergraduate students ranging from IIT, 
UChicago, UIC, WSU, Whitworth, and Knox. This week is their last week of 
the program, and they will be having final presentations today 
(Wednesday August 19th) in SB223, starting at 10am, until 4:30pm. I have 
included below the program for the day presentations. I welcome you to 
come join us, for the entire day, or just part of it.  We start in just 
a few minutes.


Call for Participation

NSF REU BigDataX Summer 2015 Final Presentations
BigDataX: From theory to practice in Big Data computing at eXtreme scales

Wednesday August 19th, 2015
Stuart Building 223, 10AM - 4:30PM

  * 10AM: Opening Remarks (Ioan Raicu, Justin Wozniak, and Mike Wilde)
  * 10:15AM: Exploring Dynamic Multipath Routing in 3D Torus Networks
    Through Simulations (Daniel Parker, University of Chicago)
  * 10:45AM: Enabling Distributed Data Indexing and Search in the
    FusionFS Distributed File System (David Pisanski, University of
    Illinois at Chicago)
  * 11:15AM: High-Performance Computing Power Management on the Modern
    Intel Haswell Processor Architecture (Ariel Young, Illinois
    Institute of Technology)
  * 12:00PM: Lunch Break
  * 1:30PM: Optimizing Data Locality between the Swift Parallel
    Programming System and the FusionFS Distributed File System (Mermer
    Dupree, University of Illinois at Chicago)
  * 2:00PM: Flexible Resource Allocation and Data Management for
    High-Performance Distributed Workflows (Jacob Taylor, Wayne State
  * 2:30PM: Swift/T REPL: An Interactive Environment for a Parallel
    Scripting Language (Basheer Subei, University of Illinois at Chicago)
  * 3:00PM: Break
  * 3:15PM: Agent Based Modeling and Evolutionary Algorithms (Jonathan
    S. Burge, Whitworth University)
  * 3:45PM: An Improved Algorithm for Finding Disjoint Paths in Wireless
    Ad-Hoc Networks and A Linear Programming Approximation Algorithm for
    Virtual Machine Migration in Data Centers (David Rincon-Cruz, Knox
    College & Sam Baugh, University of Chicago)
  * 4:15PM: Closing remarks (Ioan Raicu, Justin Wozniak, and Mike Wilde)

More information on the Summer 2015 program can be found at 

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