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Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Sat Apr 11 07:44:00 CDT 2015

I forgot to cc this to the whole group. I updated the google doc.

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Subject: 	Re: BigDataX REU program notification -- waitlist
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From: 	Barton <byadlows at kent.edu>
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I'm one of the people who have accepted another offer, so you can indeed 
take me off the waitlist this time.

I look forward to future instantiations of your REU though and want to 
say thank you for an opportunity to apply.

All the best,
Barton Yadlowski

On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 7:49 PM, Ioan Raicu <iraicu at cs.iit.edu 
<mailto:iraicu at cs.iit.edu>> wrote:

    We thank you for your interest in our BigDataX REU program. We had
    many qualified students apply, but were only able to accept 8
    students in the program (25% acceptance rate). We still have 3
    pending invitations, which have promised to reply by 04/17 at the
    latest. We aim to have finalized all invitations by 04/17 (but
    hopefully sooner). In the meantime, all we can do is wait. If you
    have already decided to accept another offer, can you please let us
    know so that we can remove you from the wait list.
    Ioan on behalf of the BigDataX Team

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