[BigDataX] housing

Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Mon Apr 6 14:53:11 CDT 2015

yes, we have 3 no. Gruia needs to pick the next theory candidate. And I 
am moving to rank 2S. Invitations will go out shortly.

On 4/6/15 12:29 PM, Justin M Wozniak wrote:
> Sounds good.
> Are you flagging the students that decline in the spreadsheet under 
> the Interested column?
> On 04/06/2015 10:48 AM, Ioan Raicu wrote:
>> Hi Gruia, Justin, and Mike,
>> We don't have a single perfect solution for the housing, dates, and 
>> costs. In the interest of moving forward, I proposed the following:
>> - leave the dates as advertised: 06/15 - 08/21
>> - have students in UChicago housing at $2656 a student
>> - we will likely be ~$10K over the budget, depending on how many 
>> students end up taking our housing offer, but we have quite a few 
>> local students and we could save some on the relocation expenses; we 
>> will still be over the budget, but given that we are in the first 
>> year, we can balance the budget in the 2nd, or even the 3rd year by 
>> cutting something if needed, for example reducing to 7 students the 
>> 3rd year might be necessary; but we can deal with that later
>> I have received some emails from students saying that they have 
>> already accepted other offers, so I will go down the list we had in 
>> the order we had ranked students, until we have 2 theory and 6 
>> systems students. I will cc the bigdatax at datasys.cs.iit.edu 
>> <bigdatax at datasys.cs.iit.edu> alias, so that everyone is in the loop. 
>> I will give students 5 business days to accept, the deadline will be 
>> April 10th at 5PM CST. I can get the official offers out to the 
>> students today right after class, in the early afternoon.
>> Cheers,
>> Ioan

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