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Ioan Raicu iraicu at cs.iit.edu
Fri Apr 3 13:35:59 CDT 2015

Also, I should have mentioned, that if we want to engage any of the 
UChicago or IIT students, regardless of where they are on the ranking 
list, we could try to bring them on board with other funding than this 
REU award. I can fund up to 2 undergrad students from my NSF CAREER, if 

On 4/3/15 1:30 PM, Ioan Raicu wrote:
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1913ONkyUjCwKvOO9NIIaEPa1VH8qNFc8jP5hRLyxS6k/edit#gid=0 
> I think we have finalized the ranking, see the google doc above.
> The 1S, 2S, etc... are the systems ranking. The 1T, 2T, etc... are the 
> theory ranking. The goal is to get 6 systems and 2 theory students. 
> Unless anyone wants to re-arrange the ranks, I plan to make 
> invitations from the list in the order from the rank column. Note that 
> there are 3 students who I have marked as reject, but otherwise all 
> other students are qualified (IMO). If you see a clear candidate that 
> is too weak, we can mark additional students as reject.
> Ioan

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